Vietnamese Pork-Stuffed Fried Tofu In Tomato Sauce

Vietnamese Pork-Stuffed Fried Tofu In Tomato Sauce

To be honest, I haven’t been super particular in choosing tomatoes for this dish. I like to go with plum Roma tomatoes because of its size and texture and the color is always enhanced by adding some tomato paste. The flavor is balanced out nicely when adjusting the seasoning, so I’ve never had a problem.

Start with fried tofu, or else this is just going to fall apart in your lap. You can fry the tofu yourself, or pick up some pre-fried ones to save some time. There’s some kinda strange pre-fried variety I got before that is super airy and light. It was almost like there was more fried exterior than actual tofu inside. It was okay, but not as good as the heavier, denser type.

To stuff the tofu, simply cut a slice in the center of and fill it with the pork mixture. Cut it so you can add almost as much filling as you like without having the tofu burst at the sides.

This recipe can easily double too if you have more folks to feed, or want more leftovers. I like to top mine with chile flakes and eat with rice, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner :). Make sure to check out Hungry Huy on Instagram for more pics of food adventures!