The Burger Beat: Coolidge Corner Clubhouse – The Boston Globe

One in a series on good burgers in the region that will run until Labor Day. To see the previous burgers, go to

Too often at sports pubs, what’s on tap and what’s happening on the screens takes priority over the food. That’s not the case at Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, a 26-year-old spot with some of the best pub grub around.

The 90-seat establishment has a loyal following, and sells up to 600 burgers a week, according to owner Andy Pomper. CCC’s “burger board” features selections named for star athletes. Each is made with 10 ounces of hand-packed beef that has plenty of flavor.

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There are a number of standouts, including the Yaz, named for Red Sox great Carl Yastrzemski. The pricey burger ($13.99) is an All-Star as well. The patty is cooked on a gas grill and set on a brioche roll from La Marca & Sons of Malden. That is topped with plenty of melted cheddar, romaine, and tomato slices. Crunchy red onion adds nice texture. Then the burger gets a healthy dose of bacon and a fried egg. It’s a challenge to lift and bite into, but delicious. The egg runs after the first bite, coating the other elements like a sauce. Given the bulk of this monster, you might decide to split it. Curly fries are heaped onto the plate, great spirals that are soft, well seasoned, and addictive. With the Yaz and these fries, you have a home run.

Coolidge Corner Clubhouse 307 Harvard St., Brookline, 617-566-4948,