The Breakfast Club’s Karate Kid Thermos lunchbox – The Boston Globe

WHERE The Breakfast Club

WHAT A Karate Kid Thermos lunchbox, propped on a shelf in the dining room among other pop culture curiosities.

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WHOSE IDEA Diner owner George Athanasopoulos is a child of the 1980s, and he’s proud of it. “Some people like 1950s diners. I thought, ‘Why not a 1980s one?’ ” he says. The place is even named for John Hughes’s classic movie “The Breakfast Club,” which premiered 30 years ago this month. “The Karate Kid” is another childhood favorite. Athanasopoulos unearthed this cherry-red time capsule from a Rubbermaid container stuffed with Reagan-era artifacts while cleaning out his grandparents’ Watertown home. “I was an only child, and they saved everything of mine,” he says. Athanasopoulos once toted the lunch box to school. Now it sits amid vintage records and classic movie posters to give the diner a kick of kitsch. The Breakfast Club, 270 Western Ave., Allston, 617-783-1212,