Tender coddled eggs – The Boston Globe

In the kitchen, to coddle is to cook in simmering water. It’s a technique mostly used for eggs and often in a covered cup called a coddler. From Fortessa, there’s an attractive, Bauhaus design glass coddler in 2 sizes (4.4-ounce for $18 and 8.4 ounce for $22). To coddle an egg, butter the cup and crack the egg into it. If you like, add a little cream, a dab of butter, a sprinkle of grated cheese, or chopped fresh herbs. Clamp the lid in place and set in simmering water for 6 to 8 minutes, then serve right in the cup. The whites will be firm, the yolks soft. When not cooking eggs, coddlers are perfect for jam or spreads. Of course, eggs can be coddled in their shells, but then you wouldn’t have those lovely add-ins. Available at Kitchen Outfitters, Acton Woods Plaza, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978-263-1955; Didriks, 190 Concord Ave, Cambridge. 617-354-5700 and 2284 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls, 617-467-4847; and The Cook Shop, Lemon Tree Village, 1091 Main St., Route 6A, Brewster, 508-896-7698.