Shirley Temple and The Cafe – The Boston Globe

WHERE The Cafe at the Taj Boston

WHAT A framed photo of child star Shirley Temple, snuggled up in bed.

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WHOSE IDEA This posh Back Bay hotel was the Ritz-Carlton until an ownership change in 2007. The Ritz welcomed a parade of notable guests in its heyday, including Temple. Many of their portraits hang in the cafe from the archives of the Wyner family, who opened the Ritz in 1927. These shots are the Taj’s way of honoring the property’s star-studded history, says marketing director Brian Macaluso. “It keeps part of the story of the hotel alive. This is our homage to the past.” Photos of bygone icons like Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor appear alongside Temple’s wholesome portrait. She died last year, but this shot captures her as an apple-cheeked tot, propped on pillows and cuddling her stuffed animals in queenly splendor. The Cafe at the Taj Boston, 15 Arlington St., Back Bay, Boston, 617-598-5255,