Pinot Noir pairs with fish or fowl – The Boston Globe

Walk into Flora Restaurant in East Arlington and you’ll be among friends. “Flora is a place where we have a lot of regular customers,” says beverage director Ken Mayer. Those regulars, many of whom drop by once or twice a week, have been asking about a 2013 Steelhead Vineyards Pinot Noir ($10 a glass, $36 a bottle), wondering why the Sonoma winery bears the name of a trout. The environmentally-minded producer partners with organizations that promote healthy fish habitats in and around where grapes grow, so it’s easy to feel good about what’s in your glass. Best of all, it’s delicious with dishes like a Giannone half chicken ($26) in a lemon-rosemary pan sauce with dates and green olives, roasted by chef-owner Bob Sargent. “The wine is fairly robust,” says Mayer, who adds that stewed fruit flavors and the right amount of acidity will “marry rather than fight” with the vivid flavors of the dish. It’s a pairing that is sure to turn a newcomer into a regular. Flora Restaurant, 190 Massachusetts Ave., East Arlington, 781-641-1664,