Mint will brighten everything – The Boston Globe

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Ah mint! Darling of candies, friend to funny tummies, beauty on the dessert plate. In parts of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia, the herb (part of the family of basil, oregano, and sage) is a staple for savory dishes, used in marinades, relishes, salads, and soups. Look to flavor profiles from these regions for inspiration to perk up winter vegetables, creamy broths, and grilled meats (especially lamb). Among the hundreds of varieties of mint, spearmint is most widely used in cooking. Toss the bright green leaves into salads made with fruit, trays of roasted root vegetables, or pots of grains. Stir them into stews of meat with noodles, or bowls of carrot soup, or make an easy food processor dip with lots of fresh leaves, yogurt, garlic, and lemon juice. And about those desserts: Chocolate and mint will always be a classic.