How to Make Turkey Meatballs in a Slow-Cooker

Turkey Meatballs

For those busy person who can appreciate the beauty of a make-ahead meal—because when your to-do list is way too long, turning on the oven is basically the last thing you want to do. Here is good news that you don’t have to resort to fattening takeout when you’re crunched for time, since smart tools like slow-cookers can help to streamline your meal prep efforts.

Just opt for warming dishes like these turkey meatballs that can slow-cook in your kitchen all day long—no standing over the stove needed, which is a hearty meal to enjoy this winter. Far from your classic marinara-smothered bites, these guys get their Asian-inspired flavor from good-for-you ingredients like tangy rice vinegar, savory soy sauce, and sweet pineapple.

Sound like a splurge? They’re not. These turkey meatballs will actually fit into your healthy eating plan, since turkey is packed with lean protein that keeps you feeling satiated (not sluggish!). Plus, the dish’s garnishes include superfoods like fat-burning red pepper and fresh ginger, which pack all kinds of health benefits. In fact, ginger has been shown to reduce menstrual cramps, stimulate the digestive system, and soothe sore muscles. What more could you ask for?

So go ahead and bust out your slow-cooker in the morning and simply let these meatballs cook on low for 5 to 7 hours before you dig in for dinner. Watch the video for a full ingredients list and a step-by-step demo of how you can make the satisfying, simple meal at home.