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The line for hand-cut doughnuts forms outside Half Baked Cafe & Bakery in Beverly Farms before it opens. The 2-year-old spot (the name means half bakery, half eatery) cranks out rounds with vanilla cream, maple iced, and bacon, or slathered with salted creamy toffee ($2 to $2.50). Co-owner Kelly Mackin, 32, also bakes cupcakes and other pastries ($1.75 to $2.75), all nut-free, at the 25-seat eatery, decorated with a hot pink ceiling and a wall of tiles that resemble frosting. Co-owner and chef Craig White, 36, a former chef at Rialto Restaurant + Bar in Cambridge, creates elaborate sandwiches ($10 to $15) you might not expect here. The chef roasts, cures, corns, or smokes all meats, and makes condiments. Breads are baked here too, and might be part of a Vietnamese-style sub sandwich with chicken liver pate, duck confit, pickled watermelon radish, red-striped chiogga beet slices, and Kewpie mayonnaise. Porchetta in a roll is spread with olive relish, pickled peppers, greens, and garlic mayonnaise. A seafood sandwich on multigrain has layers of crab salad, a slice of octopus terrine, seared sea urchin and avocado mousse, and citrusy greens. “I’m just trying to make awesome food,” says White. The steady stream of customers agrees.

A selection of doughnuts at Half Baked in Beverly Farms, MA. (Kieran Kesner for The Boston Globe)

Kieran Kesner for The Boston Globe

A selection of doughnuts at Half Baked.

Half Baked Cafe & Bakery, 1 West St., Beverly Farms, 978-969-6177,