Gosht Shorba- Guest Post for Spices And Aroma

Gosht Shorba from Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook.
I am not a phone person. I never was, not even in my teenage, when its supposed to be one of your daily rituals to glue your ears to the phone for at least a few hours a day. No, not even then! I can find a 100 reasons not to be able to pick up the phone and call someone. It has always been like that. I guess I believe more in eye to eye and face to face conversations than long chats over an electronic device while staring at the ceiling or wandering around?
Then I never remember special days of friends and family. I always call a week after birthdays of friends and act to have remembered a wrong date. I over commit and then try to work night and days to keep the commitments. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I do not. These are all bad habits, I know but that’s who I am. I have lost touch with friends due of this, but those who understood, stuck around.

Gosht Shorba
I cannot say that I was ever the most popular kid in the class. Not in school, nor in college and not even after that but I have always been lucky to have friends. Many good ones who even after calling me for the nth time still call to check on me and also complain in the end that I don’t call. Ones who call me on their birthdays and remind me to wish them. Ones who know what my “problem” is, (I know that they do because they have told me several times) but still make sure I do not fall flat on my face because of that.

Vijitha or Vij as I call her has become one such friend. Someone I met with a couple other blogger friends at a coffee shop an year and a half back and thought what a chatterbox this girl is. And now she has become one of the reasons why I am thankful for starting a food blog. She isn’t used to me saying so many nice things about her, all at the same time so I will stop right here.

Spices for Gosht Shorba
Now even before my book came out Vij had asked for a signed copy of the book so that we can give it away to one of the loyal readers of her blog. So after many reminders and then a few threatening emails and personal  home visits I finally sat down today and worked this post up for her. The recipe I am sharing  today is one of the traditional ways goat meat is cooked in North India. You can find this and many other slow cooker recipes on my cookbook “The Everything Indian Slow Cooker Cookbookt” which you also have a chance to win today.
So head over to Spices And Aroma for my guest post and recipe. Also do not forget to surf around her wonderful blog. If you are someone who has or knows someone with gestational diabetes or thinking of following South Beach Diet or simply trying to watch your waist and love Indian food then this trip to her blog might turn out to be a treat for you. Enjoy!