Famous French Desserts You Need To Try!


In France, the sweet is just as important as any other course, and boy, don’t they show it. Pastries, cakes, sorbets, tarts… you name it, the French do it better.

Crêpes – As French as a Breton-striped beret, crêpes come in every sort of guise imaginable. But for a real local experience, get your chops around the Crêpes Suzette – an insanely decadent flambéed riot of sugar, butter, citrus and Grand Marnier.


Crème Brulee – deceptively easy to make considering the glory of this particular dessert. A thick vanilla custard awaits you under a butane-torched hard caramel layer… what’s not to like?

Macarons – The trendy darlings of the Gaulish dessert scene, macarons may not be exclusively French, but nobody does it better. Available in a multitude of colours, sizes and flavours, the French macaron is usually much lighter and sandwiches a cream filling. Basically, heaven in every bite.


Île flottante – Literally meaning ‘floating island’, this delightfully juvenile dish features meringue on a sea of vanilla custard. Quality varies throughout the bistros of France, but get a good one, and you’ll be a fan for life.

Île flottante

Bet your mouth watering by now! If you’ve not been to France and you’re planning to travel to this beautiful European country in future, take a look at our Multi-Country tours of Europe.