Delicious and healthy food

This Father’s Day, unlock the secret to your daddy’s heart (and stomach) with those dad-approved recipes comprising Great Foods dips. Fantastic for summertime grilling, let daddy indulge in those savory kebabs. Trying topping your grilled favorites with our drops & salsa! We particularly love our Avocado Salsa with the grilled chicken and our Cilantro Dip with the grilled shrimp!
Sheet Pan Nachos

Our buddy @confessionofadietitian made this crispy, cheesy goodness! Love creating these sheet pan nachos while spending some quality one time time with dad. Add our Cilantro Dip on both sides and also have fun with it! Making good food is always a fantastic moment to share with somebody you adore!
Breakfast Tacos & Avocado Toast

What is a much better bonding session with father than indulging in a delicious breakfast!


Whether you’re looking for a breakfast taco or some toast, both are really simple to make that it is best to make it a Father’s Day tradition. Don’t forget to top it off with as much Avocado Salsa because you want!
How are you celebrating Father’s Day weekend? Comment below and let’s!