Chee Cheong Fun Club: have you had Best chee cheong fun with curry?

In Singapore, just two types of chee cheong fun dishes are commonplace — the local version with tim cheong (sweet) brown sauce or the Hong Kong design with slightly sweetened soya sauce.
But chee cheong fun with curry? It is found in Kuala Lumpur but is practically unheard of in Singapore.
That’s until April 2018 came around and Chee Cheong Fun Club set up a stall at Maxwell Food Centre. It’s one of those few stalls in Singapore offering the Malaysian KL breakfast dish of curry chee cheong fun.Launched by Malaysian-born Yong Yean Hui, now 40 (2020), she gave up her banking job after almost 10 years to begin Chee Cheong Fun Club.It is a booth that serves not just the Malaysian dish of Curry Puffs chee cheong fun but local and some other regional variants as well.Her rice rolls would be the best thing — they are seemingly a family recipe that’s handmade to her specifications with a supplier.The dish which attracts all the attention is that her KL Famous Curry CCF ($4) which uses a soft-textured rice roll that is well slick but yet still holds together.

Curry food
It is coated in a well balanced curry with enough coconut creaminess, stock savouriness and mild spicy notes to the taste.
Paknam Krabi Seafood:Topped off with ngoh hiang pieces, tau kee (fried beancurd skin) and a meatball, there’s a great sprinkling of fried hae bi (dried beans ) bits and sesame seeds that adds a nice crunch to the dish.

Delicious curry
They’ve a lcal variant of the of dish — SG Special Laksa CCF ($4) — which utilizes laksa gravy as the base and boiled egg, fishballs and tau kee for toppings.The tastes of the curry and laksa dishes are comparable using the Laksa CCF having less of a savoury punch, more coconut creaminess and laksa leaf (daun kesum) flavour in the flavor.

Healthy goodfood curry
In truth, the differences are somewhat minor involving the laksa along with the curry. A few cockles and cockle flavour in the Laksa CCF that could distinguish it from the Curry CCF.Another highlight here — possibly a larger one — is their fundamental chee cheong fun dishes with red, black or sesame sauces because they use a different rice roll out of their curry dishes.
It’s firmer, more gummy and plump with a great deal of bounce.It is the kind of rice roll which is hard to find at any given chee cheong fun stall in Singapore and it is worth travelling with this stall simply to try out this.The traditional Black Sauce CCF ($2.50) is equally as good as how you would find it with a nice middle-ground consistency and with some sprinkled sesame seeds but it is overlooking that extra dash of sesame seed oil that chee cheong fun stalls in Singapore throw .

Healthy curry
The Traditional Red Sauce CCF ($2.50) looks like the sauce you’d find in yong tau foo stalls in Singapore but here it’s lighter colored and not as strong in flavour.Their version is like the black sauce variant but albeit a bit sweeter and less savoury. Again, its overlooking that additional dash of sesame seed oil for worse or better.Oddly enough, a sprinkling of sesame seed oil is whatyou’ll find on their Exclusive Sesame Sauce CCF ($2.80) and it adds a nice oil richness to the flavor.
It’s a great mild creamy sour flavour and is only slightly sweet. It’s a nice balanced dish that is well worth a go.