Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding) Recipe


Champorado is a kind of chocolate rice pudding eaten in the Philippines. This is not to be confused with the Mexican champurrado, which is more of a hot chocolate drink.

I had a roommate a while back that was freaking out with excitement when she discovered a pot of this was cooking up in the kitchen. It’s a rare treat around here, I guess!

Champorado is normally eaten for breakfast or just as a snack. Sometimes milk is added, and sometimes it’s topped with condensed milk too. However for this recipe, there’s no milk, and it’s sweetened with sugar.


Add rice and water to the pan on medium to medium-high heat and stir until it starts to expand and absorb water.


Test the rice by eating  a grain every 2 minutes or so after it looks kind of soft. Only when it’s fully cooked to your liking, add the cocoa powder and mix thoroughly.


Add the sugar and mix well.


After the sugar is fully mixed in, serve.

champorado-tall Champorado (Filipino Chocolate Rice Pudding) Recipe   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 20 mins   Author: Hungry Huy Serves: 2 Ingredients

  • 1 cup glutinous rice
  • About 2½ cups water, add more if it gets too dry
  • ½ cup pure cocoa
  • ½ cup sugar


  1. In a pan heat rice and water on medium to medium-high heat until fully cooked
  2. Add cocoa, then sugar and mix well