Beverage Cartons

beverage cartons

Last year we had a whole “porthole packaging” week which started with Doris Gianninoto’s 1966 Nibb-its “see-thru” chip bag.

Although I try my utmost to research into any and all examples of porthole-related packages, I somehow missed  two beverage cartons with windows.One is the Norwegian dairy Q-Meieriene‘s milk carton with “measuring” windows, introduced in 2008.
The other one is British supermarket Sainsbury‘s juice carton with “portion control” windows, launched in 2011.
beverage cartons
1. Milk carton with windows

We found a solution for reducing milk wastage by providing our milk carton with a measuring window. With the Q measuring window (Q-målevindu) consumers could see how much milk it was left in the carton.We are not completely sealed in cardboard, Bent Myrdahl .It seems likely that Q-Melk’s carton derives from Dieter Deisroth’s 2008 patent for a Milk carton with integrated transparent window and readable measurement scale.Q-Melk’s carton was later given a graphic redesign by Strømme Throndsen Design.
beverage cartons
2. Juice carton with windows

Sainsbury-portion-control-cartonsWe launched this new packaging to make it easier for customers to measure one of their five-a-day and lead a healthier lifestyle. The windows also showcase our fantastic juice and its freshness.   (Louise Wilkinson, Sainsbury’s Juice Buyer quoted)Sainsbury’s launches new juice packaging for easy portion control, 2011.Being round, the Sainsbury carton’s windows are the more porthole-like of the two cartons. The Q-Melk measuring windows are more thermometer-like in shape.