Authentic spiedini in a Brookline Village cafe – The Boston Globe

April 24, 2015 - Carlos Perez (cq) poses at his restaurant, Bottega de Capri, in Brookline, Mass. (Justin Saglio for The Boston Globe)

Justin Saglio for The Boston Globe

Carlos Perez.

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Homing in on the delicacies of its namesake isle near the southern end of the Italian peninsula, Bottega di Capri plates an assortment of daily specials (all under $10). Spiedini di pollo ($9.95), served only on Fridays, warrants an excursion to Brookline Village. Tender fillets of chicken, marinated in a bath of garlic, cayenne, and vinaigrette, are cut into squares and pierced, kebab-like, onto skewers with onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bell peppers. These spiedini (Italian for skewers) are smoky, with a delicate char, and showcased on a bed of yellow, saffron-scented rice. The combination forms a hearty, authentic dish. Southern Italy, it seems, is just another stop on the T.Bottega di Capri, 41 Harvard St., Brookline Village, 617-738-5333,