A Sonoma zinfandel spans the seasons – The Boston Globe

As restaurant menus make way for lighter springtime fare, it’s easy to overlook zinfandel. Many associate the grape with weighty reds that pair with hearty stews and braises. Patrick Barnes, chef and owner of Caffe Bella in Randolph, wants to educate his customers about the varietal. He recommends a 2013 zinfandel from Seghesio Family Vineyards ($13.25 a glass and $39.75 a bottle), a fifth-generation winery in Sonoma County, which pairs deliciously with a Roman-style pork rib chop ($25.75), a marbled Berkshire cut brined in kosher salt, grilled over wood, and brushed with a reduction of balsamic vinegar, honey, and rosemary. The wine, says the chef, is “even-bodied, fruit-forward, and approachable.” If guests opt for the by-the-glass option, the pour arrives in Italian crystal, etched to indicate the level of liquid, the metric equivalent of 7 ounces (more than the standard 5-ounce pour). It is also designed to better aerate the red. “It’s a conversation piece,” he says, “and good for the wine.”Caffe Bella,
19 Warren St., Randolph, 781-961-7729,www.caffebellarandolph.com