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They say that in Boston, everyone’s a little bit Irish. This couldn’t ring any truer than during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston. City dwellers and suburbanites alike flock to the historic neighborhood for a day of bagpipes, brews, and boiled dinners.

If you want to bypass boring greasy bar food washed down with green beer and go for something a bit less cliche (and a bit more toothsome), you won’t have to venture far. Southie is rich with restaurants offering diverse culinary delights — and shelter from the seasonal chill.

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You can’t get more Boston Irish authentic than the fare offered at Amrheins, a neighborhood landmark. For March, the kitchen is offering the time-honored tradition of the Irish boiled dinner. “It’s something we’ve done forever,” manager Jay Austin says. “People come here just for it.” It incorporates all of the staple root vegetables — carrots, potatoes, turnips, and cabbage — boiled together with corned beef for a delightfully flavorful and filling meal.

Pivotally located at the start of the parade route, the pub offers a cozy setting fit for families and millennials alike.

Stats Bar & Grille.


Stats Bar & Grille.

Stats Bar & Grille
is a sports bar that has found its niche on the corner of East Broadway and Dorchester Street. “On parade day, we do a lot of hand food — lots of burgers, lots of pizza,’’ says owner Andrew Statires. “One of our most popular dishes is our buffalo chicken tenders. We make them from scratch with a house marinade and a house dredging.”

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And with a full bar menu offered, you’re sure to have your selection of drinks from the Emerald Isle. “Parade day is our biggest day for Guinness and Jameson,” Statires says. Catering to a younger crowd, Stats offers a casual and fun vibe that keeps drawing locals back.

Down the street is Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant
. Its open concept, minimalist dining area boasts a sprawling bar that’ll be packed with people the morning of the parade. Assistant general manager Nick Palermo says, “We’re expecting our foot traffic to start right at 10.”

The restaurant is offering a limited dinner and drink menu, but will feature its signature wood-fired Neapolitan pizza all day. Most popular is the savory butternut squash pie, which pairs the sweet nuttiness of the squash with fontina, bacon, caramelized onions, pecorino romano, and fresh rosemary. “The atmosphere is going to be casual and laid back. People can come and enjoy a great bite to eat and a great vantage point of the parade,” Palermo said. Get there early to snag a table right in front of the window and watch the parade pass by. But don’t leave too quickly: Once the parade is over, Lincoln will be featuring music from a local band later in the evening to keep the party going.

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant.

Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant.

Parade day in South Boston is all about a community celebrating its heritage, and here the cultural roots run deep. But even if you’re neither Irish nor from the neighborhood, you will fit right in so long as you’ve got the spirit — and are sporting the shamrock green, of course.

Amrheins 80 W. Broadway. 617-268-6189, www.amrheinsboston.com

Stats Bar & Grille 77 Dorchester St. 617-268-2646, www.statsboston.com

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant 425 W. Broadway. 617-765-8636, www.lincolnsouthboston.com

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