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Microplane, the company that makes razor-sharp graters that beautifully strip off lemon zest and create Parmesan sprinkles, recently added two cylinder-shaped, lightweight cup graters to its line. The tools are designed to grate toppings over mugs and drinking glasses or directly onto cakes, cupcakes, or savory dishes. The Chocolate Cup Grater ($9.95) has a medium-size ribbon blade and creates shavings from chocolate, coconut, or peppermint sticks. The Spice Cup Grater ($9.95) has a super-fine blade for cinnamon sticks and whole nutmeg with shaker holes at the perimeter of the blade for sprinkling. There’s a cover for safe storage that can also be used to catch gratings. Available at Kitchen Outfitters, 342 Great Road, Acton, 978-263-1955; Kitchen Central, 22 Birch St., Roslindale, 617-323-0270; Kitchen Collection, Wrentham Village Premium Outlets, 1 Premium Outlet Blvd., Wrentham, 508-384-6206; or go to www.microplane.com