7 must-visit cafes and bakeries in Tiong Bahru

If hipsterdom ever wanted a heartland poster child, the Tiong Bahru area would get our nomination for the character. The beloved neighbourhood has gone through enormous change through the years, and its aggressive gentrification in the past two years has sparked concern that it may be losing its own identity.

cafes and bakeries cafes and bakeries cafes and bakeries
Despite — or because of that, Tiong Bahru is now an emblem of old meets new; a compatible marriage between nostalgia and modernity; and a melting pot of varied cultures. It is, in a nutshell, a great microcosm of Singapore.

cafes and bakeries
Modernising the neighbourhood also comes with its benefits, not least of them the wide array of elite bakeries and cafes that now populates Tiong Bahru.

cafes and bakeries
From old-school cake stores and heritage brands to millennial hangout areas and Instagram darlings, the diversity of bakeries and cafes at Tiong Bahru is unparalleled by any other neighbourhood.
Below are some places in the area to get your fix of delectable pastries and confections.