3 Breakfast Burritos We Love

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Hot Off the Grill: Pastrami ($6)
Hot Off the Grill isn’t exactly in the heart of Los Angeles. In fact, it’s in Seal Beach, but that shouldn’t deter you from pulling off the 405 the next time you’re in the area. The hook here is the pastrami breakfast burrito, an idea so obvious for this cured-meat obsessed city, it’s a wonder more folks aren’t copying the model. Gooey American cheese squeezes out the sides of the tortilla, while medium-cut and lightly salted pastrami bits fight for breathing room alongside dense potato and somewhat scarce egg bites.

Hot Off the Grill: Pastrami
Los Chavos Tacos: Chorizo ($5)
Chorizo is available at nearly every Los Angeles breakfast burrito spot, but no place does it better than Los Chavos. Ground up and mixed in with the egg during its time on the plancha, the resulting blend achieves a harmonious balance between meat, egg, cheese and hash browns. Opt for the onions and salsa (they’ll ask you) on the inside for a full-flavored effect.

Lucky Boy: Egg, Bacon, Cheese ($5.50)
No breakfast burrito recipe in SoCal has gotten more ink than Lucky Boy, including a near-explicit photo layout in last year’s Los Angeles magazine. And while critics can accurately argue that most of the ginormous burrito’s heft comes from an abundance of potatoes, there is still plenty to be satisfied with. The bacon is cut into chunks and griddled well, giving off a salty crunch with each bite, while the egg and cheese are prepared spectacularly, leaving a moist and savory center that help you understand just why it’s so popular.

Hot Off the Grill: Pastrami