How to make a Chinese hot pot

How to make a Chinese hot pot

As it is known, Chinese hot pot ,called Chinese fondue or Chinese steamboat that consists of kinds of raw meats, vegetables, noodles, tofu, seafood and dumplings and so on, which are soked in a shared pot of hot flavored broth using chopsticks so as to cook the items. Enjoying it after the items are  fished out with chopsticks or a strainer.Any variety of meats, vegetables or noodles depending on individual tastes can be included in Chinese hot pot. Traditionally, different ingredients were gotton to used depending on the region of China so that the dish was served. For instance, those who lived near the sea were accustomed to use seafood, while those who lived inland were more likely to use pork, lamb or goat. The origins of the Chinese hot pot have been dated back to over 1,000 years. The dish is only usually served today to celebrate Chinese New Year, but also a common wintertime meal. Here are a few steps on how to make a Chinese hot pot.How to make a Chinese hot pot

  1. Step1: Prepare a broth in a large pot  that will be used to cook the hot pot ingredients. A simple broth can be made by boiling water with additions of herbs, the bones of meat, mix such as salt and pepper and vegetables. You will want to boil the ingredients until the liquid has been reduced and become infused with the flavor of the ingredients.
  2. Step2: Slicing a variety of meats and fish thinly that can be cooked in the hot pot. Slicing thinly will ensure that the ingredients will cook quickly and fully. Choose any meats or variety of fish that you enjoy. Some common choices for Chinese hot pot include beef, pork, fish fillets thinly sliced, squid and shrimp. You can make your hot pot using the more traditional method of using the meats and seafood that are local to you.
  3. Step3: Select and prepare some vegetables as side dishes. You may want to roughly chop some leafy greens such as bok choy, spinach or cabbage. It is greatly common for Chinese hot pot to prepare for mushrooms of all varieties.
  4. Step4: Make enough noodles for all of your guests alongside the hot pot to eat with their selections as a side dish, or simply use the broth to cook the noodles at the end of the meal.  The noodles will be infused with the flavors of all of the ingredients and everyone has cooked in it.
    How to make a Chinese hot pot
  5. Step5:Consider incorporating other side dishes for more variety such as tofu and dumplings.
  6. Step6:  Place a variety of condiments on the table where you are dining.What’s more,it is very nice for you to encourage your guests to create their own sauce to dip their ingredients. Prepare for a typical condiments
    include soy sauce, vinegar, hoisin sauce, sesame oil and sweet chili sauce. Give each guest a separate small dish to mix their sauce.
  7. Step:7
    Exchange your broth, omitting any solids, into a wok, clay pot or any pot that is wide and shallow so that everyone will be able to easily dip their ingredients into it. Place an electric heating plate on the table where you will be eating and place the broth on top of it to keep it hot.
  8. Step8: Try to arrange the seating so that everyone sits in a circle and has easy access to everything on the table. Eating a Chinese hot pot is a very communal experience. People gather around the pot, dipping their food, waiting for it to cook, mixing their own sauces and enjoying each other’s company. Chinese hot pot meals commonly last a couple of hours because you are cooking and eating in small portions at the same time.
  9. Step9:finished


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